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Qualitate is an Australian owned, values-driven organisation founded by Dr Jodie Goldney.  Jodie's expertise is in using qualitative research methods to explore, understand, develop, and evaluate solutions to real-life industry, organisational, or experiential problems.

At Qualitate, we provide advice and reverse-engineer solutions informed by the unique environment in which they occur.  We use our expertise to design screening and diagnostic tools spanning novice through to expert, and purpose-build corresponding developmental education and training modules.  Our approach can be applied to specific roles, individuals, change management, or to identify and enhance organisational culture.  

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About Dr Goldney

Jodie is an experienced and sought after paradigmatic qualitative researcher. Jodie is also the founder of the attributional approach to recruitment and workforce development-original, industry-informed tools built using qualitative methodologies. 

Jodie has numerous publications and conference presentations exploring (among other things) workplace paradigms, attributes, and the value of practice-generated professional insight. In addition, Jodie has a keen interest in working with rural and remote communities, and specific population groups such as GLBTIQ, and ATSI.

Jodie can be contacted via 

phone 041 387 2351, or 

email: jgoldney@qualitate.com.au

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What we do

At Qualitate, we support government, business, professions, students and academia.  We research and design screening and diagnostic attributional tools spanning novice-to-expert.  We purpose-build industry-informed developmental education and training modules spanning cradle-to-grave.  We provide expert academic coaching and editing advice for students involved in all levels of qualitative study or journal submission.  We provide qualitative research expertise to academia or corporations at any or all stages along the research pathway.  Our approach is unique, and can be applied to specific roles, individuals, career trajectories, research problems, change management, branding, or simply to identify and enhance organisational culture and performance.  


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Check out Qualitate's vision for enabling social procurement.  We have just made it into the semi-finals of the Eidos Institute Social Procurement Challenge-and this is the product that got us there!  Want to know more, give us a call on 041 387 2351.

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