The Qualitate Aproach to Academia

the qualitate appraoch to academia, we can help you do any part of the qualitative research process

What we do for you

At Qualitate we can provide your faculty or project with expert advice and support relating to your qualitative research.  We are able to do part or all.  

Qualitate can help you

Begin your qualitative research

begin your qualitative research using the expertise of qualitate and Dr Jodie Goldney, excellence

  • Prepare and deliver thorough literature reviews 
  • Identify knowledge gaps.

Develop your qualitative methodology

develop your qualitative methodology, FANI, grounded discourse, thematic research, paradigms

  • Formulate research questions
  • Identify an ontological frame
  • Formulate methodology and method
  • Develop and edit research proposals.

Submit your ethics

submit your ethics, qualitate can help write ethics forms, edit them, peer review underpinning logic

  • Develop and submit ethics applications

Conduct and analyse your qualitative research

conduct and analyse your qualitative research, FANI, grounded theory, discourse analysis, Foucoudian

  • Develop or conduct Interviews
  • Work with mixed qualitative methodologies
  • Transcribe interviews
  • Analyse data.

Get Published

get published, edit your work, peer-review what you are submitting, help with referencing, reviews

  • Prepare academic articles
  • Edit academic articles pre submission
  • Prepare conference presentations.

Brand your research, business, or you

brand your research, business, or you, facebook, linked in, twitter, instagram, websites, copy

  • Promote your research
  • Brand your research, business, product or yourself
  • Market yourself using social media.