The Qualitate Approach to Business Solutions

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Business Solutions

The Qualitate Attributional Approach (QAA) to recruitment and workforce has been developed by Dr Jodie Goldney.  Attributes are behavioural responses to specific situations, or relationship interactions, and as such can be defined, researched and measured.  

Using her academically rigorous methodology, Jodie and her team, reverse-engineer pivotal roles within organisations, professions or workforces, to identify attributes essential for high performance.  

Attributes may be nuanced from novice through to expert, and converted into:

  • scenario-based recruitment tools; 
  • stepped and predictive career trajectories; and
  • targeted education and training.  

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The Attributional Difference

Pivotal difference between Jodie’s approach to recruitment and workforce development, and market competitors is that Jodie’s attributional tools are developed from the ground up, ensuring faulty assumptions are kept out of resources from the outset. Additionally, core attributes are measured in terms of situationally-based responses, reflective of real-life, professional scenarios, recognising that people’s behaviour does not generalise across all circumstances or relationships.  Instead, nuance is necessary to highlight who will behave best in each unique work environ or role. 

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Benefits for your Business

The benefits to your business of taking the attributional approach include:

  • improved talent-to-role matching, 
  • minimised employment risk, 
  • increased staff retention, 
  • targeted (as opposed to blanket) education and training, and 
  • improved productivity.

Qualitate can help you and your business

Understand, recruit and train your staff

understand, recruit and train your staff, build tools that reflect your workplace, qualitative work

  • Build recruitment tools from the ground up
  • Ensure your capability framework is built on assumptions relevant to your unique workplace
  • Reverse engineer, experientially led education and training.

Understand and improve your workplace culture

understand and improve your workplace culture, qualitative research, industry solutions, business

  • Generate in-depth understanding of the culture of your workplace
  • Understand and trouble-shoot toxic work culture
  • Understand and build on your existing strengths
  • Explore and understand why your staff behave the way they do.

Understand and connect with your market

understand and connect with your market, qualitative methodologies, solutions, indsustry, work

  • Understand what message your target market is open to hearing, including the language and images they relate to
  • Rebrand in a manner reflective of your client group following the 80:20 rule
  • Research and explore the messages your clients are interested in for your social media campaign. 

Embrace best practice

embrace best practice, eveidence-based solutions, qualitative research, industry, collaboration

  • Develop quantitative research which is not built on faulty assumptions.

Set new directions

set new directions for your business informed by the rigour of qualitative research, problems solved

  • Research and understand spaces for innovation both relevant, and of interest to your client group
  • Generate and develop ideas for new products or product lines
  • Build your market strategy around assumptions informed by the experience of your target client group.


qualitative research facilitates understanding about people, enabling your business to succeed

  • Explore how your product is perceived and experienced by your target market 
  • Research and create comprehensive demographic profiles, highlighting areas for change, or improvement 
  • Uncover new language with which to speak about your product, or an experience.