Our Approach

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The Qualitate Approach

Our approach is informed by qualitative research methodologies. Our work, and the solutions we provide are rigorous, evidence-based, results-focussed and sustainable.  Intrinsic with our understanding of qualitative research, is the concept of praxis, taking responsibility for how your work will effect people.  As such, our research, and solutions have an ethical component woven into them from the start.

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Two types of Qualitative Research

Qualitative research refers generically to the use of language to explore or define the world.  However, there are two distinct philosophical types.  Most prevalent is the kind of qualitative research which uses language as if it were a statistic.  Such research assumes we experience words (such as love, hate, anger, fear) in the same way, and that situation has no effect on how we will behave. An example of this type of research involves placing a qualitative question in a forced answer survey, and then scoring that response. An example of industry tools built using these assumptions are generic screening tools developed with one population (e.g. nurses), and assumed to apply unproblematically to any other (e.g. mental health support workers).

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The Qualitate Difference

Less common, but far more powerful is Qualitate’s style.  Instead of assuming words mean the same thing to everyone, we explore how people use words to construct meaning and describe how they experience the world.  Our insights allow us to develop new theory, challenge existing assumptions, come at a problem from a completely new way, or simply expose the unspoken ‘elephant in the room’.  Moreover our approach provides insights into real-life professional scenarios such that our solutions are directly relevant to you. 


Mr John Malone, CEO Aftercare (2007-2017)

John Malone, CEO, Aftercare, mental health, management, research, peer support, NDIS, NDIS reform

I have known Jodie since 2013 having meet her and follow colleagues at a national health conference. 

My experience is that Jodie presents as a passionate and enthusiastic advocate for evidence-based qualitative research.  Jodie has a solution-based approach and an engaging attitude toward her work and that of others in the field. 

Her research and management role at Aftercare included oversight of qualitative methodologies to build an original, and, world-first attributional tool defining the mental health support worker role in  anticipation of the NDIS reform.  

This particular tool screens for attributes as opposed to skills, and helps assess people for good fit with this all important client-facing role.  

I have no hesitation in recommending Jodie for research and consultation roles along similar lines. 

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Professor Benjamin Bradley (Charles Sturt University)

Professor Benjamin Bradley, Charles Sturt University, research, psychology, qualitative, academic

I supervised Jodie for both her honours and PhD research, and now work with Jodie as an academic colleague.  

Throughout that time, I have been impressed with Jodie’s professionalism, dedication, and capacity to both theorise, and apply that thinking back into the real-life problems of industry.  

Jodie is an outstanding advocate for the power of qualitative research, and her implementation is excellent. 

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Ms Jenny Ruthven (Founder Think.Learning; eWorkBox)

Jenny Ruthven, Think.learning, collaboration, research, eworkbox, problem-solving, research, work

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jodie since 2015 in various capacities and projects. 

I’ve always found Jodie’s commitment to quality and the collaborative way she approaches her work and working with others have contributed to the successes she has achieved.  

No challenge is too big, no issue too small - I’ve seen Jodie successfully navigate complex situations and face them with integrity, professionalism and always with the client in mind.

 I’ve relied on Jodie’s expertise on many occasions and her ability to effectively provide advice, solve problems and meet expectations has always been of the highest level. 

That’s why I continue to collaborate with Jodie, wherever my clients can benefit from her skills and knowledge.

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